Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm everything you ever were afraid of."
- It, 1990

Yes, you were my nightmares in the past. "It" 1990

One gloomy night..

The full moon covered by hazy clouds dimmed the sky. It was a strange quiet night.

There was no one at the nurse's counter. Earlier, the nurses flocked the pantry while making themselves busy with the gossiping. Hirumi was sitting there, alone, his mind focused on the obstetrics textbook.

Krinnngg.. Krinnngg..

The phone rang. There is an LED lit up numbers on the phone. It showed 17.

Hirumi looked to his sides. No one was there. He picked up the phone but no answer from the other line. Hurm. Strange, he thought.

Kriinngg.. Krinngg..

The phone rang again. Number 17 again.

Hirumi was puzzled. What are the numbers for? It surely does not look like a phone number.

He reluctantly picked up the phone. Again, there was no answer.

Hirumi was pissed.

One nurse came.

Nurse-san: I heard the phone rang. Did somebody called?
Hirumi: Oh. Yes. The phone did ring. But there was no one at the other line.
Nurse-san: Is there any number shown?
Hirumi: Yes. It was 17.
Nurse-san: Oh. Really?

The nurse sat down, skimmed the chart.

Hirumi: Nurse-san, what's the number for?
Nurse-san: Oh, its the delivery room number. When a patient push the alert button by the bed, the phone here rings and it shows the room number.
Hirumi: Oh. I thought there's only 12 rooms here?
Nurse-san: Exactly.
Hirumi: (Shit)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"That's life

- Hirumi

That's life alright. Taken from

One night,
Delivery Suites Hall


Hirumi: Hurm, how come no patients come tonight?
Hajris: Patience is virtue. Come, they will.

Nurse-san was eavesdropping

Nurse-san: Boys, why didn't you came last night? There were about 10-11 deliveries. We hurried from one room to another. And there were no students at all. Hurm. Strange. Patients come in like a torrential storm whenever the students are not here.

Hirumi and Hajris looked at each other in awe, disbelief.

Hirumi: You got anything to say?
Hajris: We're always the jinxed ones right. Its not gonna change anytime sooner.
Hirumi: Thanks. That made me feel a lot better.
Hajris: Anytime brother.

So, they wait..

Hirumi: Hey, its 5.00am, lets just go back. There's nothing for us here. I wanna take a nap before subuh.
Hajris: Patience my brother. Let's just wait until Subuh. You can sleep on the couch for a while. I'll wake you up when the patient comes.
Hirumi: Righty right.

And they wait some more..


Hirumi: Hajris, come on man. There will be no patient as long as we are here. Let's just go back man. I'm really tired.
Hajris: Yeah, okay.


8.00 am

Amran: Hey, guys. Guess what I got just now. A DELIVERY. Yeay. Oh. Wait. There were 2, but both at the same time. Patients came in with head-on-perineum. I guess I got lucky. Haha. Oh. I heard both of you waited until morning. I'm sure you guys had lots of cases right?
Hajris: I hate you Amran.
Hirumi: Me too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


"The best way to remember your gf's birthday is by forgetting it once."

- Hirumi

One night, some years ago


Teet.. Teet.. Teet..
The handphone was showing the reminder, its Katerinna's birthday. Not tomorrow. But today.

Hirumi: (Jaw gapping) Oh s***. Its her birthday today, and i'm yet to wish her.

Hirumi called her right away

Hirumi: Hey there, happy birthday Katerinna. Yeay.
Katerinna: Owh. Ok.
Hirumi: Hey come on. I just wished you and you should be joyful.
Katerinna: You forgot didn't you?

(Awkward silence..)

Hirumi: (Oh shit. She knows. Come on brain, think of something to say) Hey, how can i forget your birthday right. I purposely waited to wish you at the very last minute of your birthday. Haha. Isn't it cool?
Katerinna: No, you forgot. And you just remembered because your handphone was showing the reminder.
Hirumi: (OMG, I'm caught red-handed. I'm dead)

(Awkward silence again..)

Hirumi: Um. Katerinna, I am really sorry. I admit. Yes, I've forgotten your birthday and you saw it through. Now, how can I make it up to you?
Katerinna: Oh my. I already thought of something. =)
Hirumi: Oh, really? Haha. So, what do you want me to?


2 weeks later, hirumi was on diet because he just paid a freaking RM150 for a bed sheet set with a comforter from the infamous rip-off Aussino for Katerinna.

The Infamous Aussino

Poor him.

I'm glad he settled the problem though. And I'm sure Hirumi never forgets Katerinna's birthday ever again. He learned his lesson well.

P/s: Happy Belated Birthday Katerinna. Yeay.


"To hate is human, to forgive is divine"

Huggy Bear - Starsky and Hutch (2004)

Bobby: Hirumi, wake up, Ka-chan wants you to order pizza.
Hirumi: Huh? Cant you see i'm sleeping? Go order yourself.
Bobby: Hey, I dont really know what to order. Besides, its you who usually do this kind of stuff
Hirumi: Ask someone else.
Bobby: Everyone else told me to ask you.

Unwillingly, Hirumi woke up and he called for pizza.

Hirumi: Wake me up when the pizza arrives ok.
Bobby: Sure.

30 mins later

Bobby: Mi, wake up. Pizza is here.
Hirumi: Uh huh, save some for me. I'm gonna sleep awhile more.

30 mins later, Hirumi woke up and went to dine. To his surprise, there was no pizza left for him. Imagine his disappointment at that moment.

Um. Ok. I may have exaggerated a bit. Hirumi still managed to eat some of the leftovers, and it got him thinking,

Hirumi: (I'm gonna have my revenge, Bobby. Just wait and see.)

Guess what, one week later, hirumi called for pizza again. And this time, he ate the pizza happily together with everyone including bobby.


Because he forgives and that made him a better man.