Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Neonatal Screening

"Let's quit medic. Let's open a laundry shop"
- Azheer

One fine morning.
Hirumi, Rasheed and Hafizul went to the postnatal ward to join the medical officer (MO) checking the newborn babies. They were delighted to see a bunch of babies waiting to be examined.

MO: Hey, you all can examine the babies if you want. But wash your hand first and wash it again before you check another baby. Make sure you don’t miss anything ya.
Them: Alright. Thanks doc.

Then the MO went out for a while.

Hirumi: Uwoah. This is nice. The babies are all ours. Let’s Moro them one by one.
Hafizul: Hey, why don’t we start with one baby first. You show us how you do it Hirumi. You were here earlier.
Hirumi: Uh, okay.

So, Hirumi went on to check the lucky baby while both Hafizul and Rasheed observed.

Hafizul: Ooh. That's easy. Let me try.

So, Rasheed checked the baby and followed by Hafizul. They were satisfied with the screening they did. Feeling content, the thought of how easy a neonatal screening is done, they want to check another baby. That's when the MO came in.

MO: Have you finished checking the baby?
Them: Absolutely doc.
MO: So, I assume everything is normal?
Them: Yup (giggling)

But the MO was not convinced. She checked the baby. And that’s when her cute face suddenly turned serious.

MO: Did you three check the baby?
Hirumi: Yes, we did it in turns.
MO: You said everything is normal?
Hirumi: Err. Yes.
MO: Hey, how can you say it’s normal? The baby has flat nasal bridge and single palmar crease. This baby has Down’s syndrome physical characteristics. How can you all missed all these?

Hirumi, Hafizul and Rasheed looked at each other in disbelief.

Oh. Shit.

Now, what seems to be a fine morning ends up in the gutter.

Flat nasal bridge

Single palmar crease