Friday, December 24, 2010


"To save one's life is like saving mankind"

Ustaz Yusry

Peadiatric Ward

Hirumi had just finished following morning ward round. He walked aimlessly along the aisle from front to back, inspecting the ward like he always did. As if he's waiting for something worthy of his attention by looking at the patients cubicle.

Something caught his attention.

He saw a baby cot inside the nurse bay.

Whose baby is that? Staff?

And why did the baby gets special treatment there?

Driven by his curiosity, Hirumi looked inside.

A cute baby girl stared back at him and chuckled.

Hirumi estimated the baby girl to be of at least 4 months old just by observing her movements. She was adorable. Smiling and cooing whilst Hirumi played with her.

A nurse came by the cot.

"Hey, if you want to play with her, make sure you put her to sleep afterwards. Ok"

"Err. Alright. Whose baby is this by the way? Is it the doctor's?

"Owh. You didn't know?"

"Why? Should I know about it?"

The nurse sighed.

"This poor baby was found inside a gutter somewhere in Ampang. She had cat bite marks at the leg and forearm. Ants were all over her. Her umbilical cord was still attached. Luckily she was still alive when someone found her. And since then, she has become this hospital's adopted child."

Hirumi was speechless.

He looked back at the baby girl.

He continued playing with the baby for a while.

And after that, he put that baby girl to sleep.

Then, he continued walking along the aisle. But this time, he has a lot in his mind.


Cute baby girl

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malaysia Tanah Airku

It was like any other day in the train.

Hirumi saw a blind helpless malay lady on the seat, firmly holding on to her walking stick.

He did not think of anything.

He then turned to another side, and saw one sexy, black clad, tight fit, short skirt angh moi standing right next to the train post.

He did not think of anything. (Or maybe he did think of something)

They both disembarked at Hang Tuah with hundred others.

Hirumi watched.

Everyone ignored the blind malay lady.

Everyone but the sexy angh moi. She took the hand of that blind lady and lead her to up the stairs.

And now, Hirumi cant stop thinking.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Eid Everyone

"Eid Mubarouk."

- Hirumi

Taken from here

Day 1 of Eid

Ka-chan: Hirumi, go out and play with your cousins. It's Eid. You only get the chance to meet them all like this once a year.
Hirumi: Yeah, alright.
Ka-chan: Oh. Abang Shazrin with his family came just now. You still remember him right? He's Outou-sama's nephew. So that makes him, your "dua-pupu". He has 2 cute and lovely daughters around 5 years and 6 years old. I'm sure you'll like them.
Hirumi: Shazrin? Um.. Ah yes, the tall and dark guy right? The one who lives in KL?
Ka-chan: Nope. That one is Zahrin. This Shazrin is still tall but fair.
Hirumi: Owh. Ok.
Ka-chan: Go play with his daughters.

So, Hirumi went out of to the hall and greeted Shazrin and his family. There were too manay people in the hall. Hirumi look for Shazrin's daughters and play with them. Ka-chan was right. Both of them were lovely. One of the was on Hirumi's lap and another one was lying on the floor grinning next to Hirumi. That was when Ka-chan came.

Ka-chan: Ahaha. It looks like they've gotten friendly with you.
Hirumi: Haha. Yes. I didn't know I was gifted to be friendly with children. Only girls of course. I hate the boys. They don't know how to keep quiet.
Ka-chan: Haha. Good for you. Hey, who are these kids anyway? Where are their parents?
Hirumi: Owh? These are Shazrin's daugthers la. Hahaha. I thought you knew them.
Ka-chan: HIRUMI! These are not Shazrin's daughters. His daughters are outside playing with Syafiq.
Hirumi: Huh?! (Sh**. Then, who are these kids?)

Hirumi with one of kids that he thought was Shazrin's.

*The identity of the girls is still a mystery. They only said that they're the daughters of Cik Alang. Who is Cik Alang anyway? Never heard of him.