Friday, December 24, 2010


"To save one's life is like saving mankind"

Ustaz Yusry

Peadiatric Ward

Hirumi had just finished following morning ward round. He walked aimlessly along the aisle from front to back, inspecting the ward like he always did. As if he's waiting for something worthy of his attention by looking at the patients cubicle.

Something caught his attention.

He saw a baby cot inside the nurse bay.

Whose baby is that? Staff?

And why did the baby gets special treatment there?

Driven by his curiosity, Hirumi looked inside.

A cute baby girl stared back at him and chuckled.

Hirumi estimated the baby girl to be of at least 4 months old just by observing her movements. She was adorable. Smiling and cooing whilst Hirumi played with her.

A nurse came by the cot.

"Hey, if you want to play with her, make sure you put her to sleep afterwards. Ok"

"Err. Alright. Whose baby is this by the way? Is it the doctor's?

"Owh. You didn't know?"

"Why? Should I know about it?"

The nurse sighed.

"This poor baby was found inside a gutter somewhere in Ampang. She had cat bite marks at the leg and forearm. Ants were all over her. Her umbilical cord was still attached. Luckily she was still alive when someone found her. And since then, she has become this hospital's adopted child."

Hirumi was speechless.

He looked back at the baby girl.

He continued playing with the baby for a while.

And after that, he put that baby girl to sleep.

Then, he continued walking along the aisle. But this time, he has a lot in his mind.


Cute baby girl


Bella said...

Is this story true??

mongue said...

miss bella: why wouldn't it be?

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