Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malaysia Tanah Airku

It was like any other day in the train.

Hirumi saw a blind helpless malay lady on the seat, firmly holding on to her walking stick.

He did not think of anything.

He then turned to another side, and saw one sexy, black clad, tight fit, short skirt angh moi standing right next to the train post.

He did not think of anything. (Or maybe he did think of something)

They both disembarked at Hang Tuah with hundred others.

Hirumi watched.

Everyone ignored the blind malay lady.

Everyone but the sexy angh moi. She took the hand of that blind lady and lead her to up the stairs.

And now, Hirumi cant stop thinking.



aw3rz said...

Your first entry this year.

Sop said...

you n your dirty thoughts..

pulasan007 said...

wohooo...welcome back...thought u were dead...i mean from the internet

mongue said...

aw3rz - everyone knows blog entry is like facebook status but longer. so, take it like i;ve just update my status.

sop - yes. always me and dirty thoughts. have to be one to know one.

pulasan - owh. the internet has seen a lot of me these recent days. i'm diverting my time to online forums. you do know there's so much to internet other than blogging right? or maybe you dont.

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